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    Ports - Supply

    To meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and competitive market, our supply terminals operate continuously 24/7 all year round, and always offering the best quality service.


    Find out about the products supplied in each of our ports.


    We supply by barge, pipe line or tanker truck.

    We are a fast, efficient and reliable company in the supply of fuel to ships. Cepsa supply a wide range of fuels via an efficient pipeline, tanker truck and barge service, following the strictest quality, safety and innovation standards. We carry out rigorous monitoring of the environmental and safety management of the third parties with which we operate, analyzing and assessing all types of risks in the following areas: facilities, terminals, barges, pipelines and tanker trucks.

    We are the only physical supplier in Spain that sells fuels directly from its own refineries located in Algeciras and Huelva. Conversely, Cepsa's supplies at the port of Gibraltar are provided from the Algeciras refinery.

    Our terminals at Las Palmas and Tenerife (Canaries), Ceuta and Barcelona supply products that comply with the highest quality standards. In addition to maintaining a leading position in these markets, we are in the middle of a process to expand our international bunkering activities in ports around the world, where we offer our customers a perfect combination of experience and enthusiasm.