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    Cepsa Spain

    We are physical bunker supplier leader in the Spanish ports, Strait of Gibraltar and in the Canary Islands.
    Cepsa has long experience in the bunker market dating back to 1929.

    We offer a wide range of marine fuels, both light and heavy, including a new fuel oil with low sulfur content of 0.5% (VLSFO 0.5%).

    Supplying by barge, pipeline and truck.

    Basic Data


    We are an integrated energy company counting with the support of our 2 refineries.


    Cepsa is pioneer in having the multi-product barge Oizmendi that not only supplies traditional products, but also LNG.


    We commercialize more than 4 million tons per year in the main ports. More than 5.500 annual supplies to ships.


    CEPSA Spain

    Phone: 913 37 61 11
    Mail: bunker@cepsa.com